Last minute informations

We would like to summarize a few points which we think might be helpful for everybody as a first orientation after arrival and for preparing the week of the conference.


When you arrive at Pudong International Airport, there will be some members of the local organizing committee waiting for you immediately at the arrivals exit. Please watch for people holding a sheet of paper with the name of the conference on it. They will take you to the guest house of the Tongji university. The taxi ride will take one hour. There will also be people to receive you in the guest house and to assist you to check in.

If you want to know more about how to go from the airport to the gust house you might want to look at the instructions on the former conference web page.

If you need help after arrival, here is Haigang's cell phone number: +86 13564893948 .

Conference Fee

There is no conference fee.

Guest House

Breakfast is between 7am and 9am, lunch between 12am and 2pm, and dinner at 6.30 pm.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is usually served in the restaurant of the Tongji restaurant. Haigang informs us that there will be at lunch time several set menus to choose from (vegetarian ones included). In the evening the participants will (according to Chinese tradition) share in groups of around 10 persons each a common turning table of food, which will be pre-ordered by the local organizers. In the morning there will be a breakfast buffet in mixed Chinese/Continental style.

The restaurant of the guest house offers an ammazingly huge variety of Chinese food from all kind of regions of China. Many dishes are vegetarian: boiled vegetables, soups, noodles, noodle soups, nuts, rice. Of course, many other dishes are based on pork, chicken, duck, lam or beef. Finally, a good number of dishes offer all kinds of sea food ranging from sea cucumber over jellyfish, shrimps, mussels, crabs to ordinary fish. You can order wine or bring your own bottle from one of the super markets around the corner (which is then roughly the same price per bottle as in Europe). In the restaurant they will open and serve it for you without any additional cork fee.

There are various super markets and convenience shops (with extended opening times) just aside the guest house, where you can easily buy water, wine, beer etc. Super markets close usually around 9 pm.

Free Wednesday afternoon

The Wednesday afternoon is free for excursions. There is no official plan. However, for those who would like to join a group with guide might like to join one of the following.

Each of these groups will leave the guest house at 2pm. Meeting point is in front of the main entrance of the guest house.

If you want to spend the afternoon in a smaller group or alone: Many central places in Shanghai are easily reachable from the guest house using the superb Metro within a 15 min ride. The entrance of the metro is opposite of the main entrance of the Tongji university campus (just before you cross the big street when you come from the guest house). Otherwise taxis are very commonly used and quite inexpensive. (For catching a taxi just watch for one showing up, watch for competitors too, and wave with whatever once you see one :-)

Conference dinner

On Thursday starting at 5.30 pm there will be a formal conference dinner. The location is Memory Restaurant, No.1526, Jiangpu Road (near Kongjiang Road)

Big excursion on Saturday

For Saturday Haigang will organize a very interesting excursion to Hangzhou. The excursion starts already on Friday afternoon after lunch. We shall go by (a rented) bus to Hangzhou, spending the night from Friday to Saturday in a hotel, sightseeing the next day and returning Saturday evening to Shanghai.

Note that the participants of the excursion have to check out in the Tongji guest house on Friday before the excursion and check in again on Saturday evening. You can leave the luggage which you do not want to take to Hangzhou at the reception of the guest house.

Cherry blossoming

As it happens the week of the conference is also the week where the cherry blossoming starts in Shanghai.

Lecture Hall

The venue of the conference, i.e. the lecture hall is located on the fourth floor of the Zong He Lou (Muti-functional Building) on the campus of the Tongji university. The distance between guest house and the lecture hall is not more than a (very slow) 10 minutes walk away from the guest house and easy to find. Please see the attached map for details.

It is possible to give talks using a beamer or a board (or both), and both kind of talks are welcome, of course. However, the lecture hall contains currently only two white boards with a writable surface of not more than \(3 m^2\), and (if I understood correctly) they are not attached to the wall but come on racks. Haigang tries to obtain two more.

Conference Poster

... can be downloaded here.