Monday, March 24

9.15-10David S. YuenParamodular Forms and Borcherds Products
Tea, coffee, discussion
10.30-11Hidetaka KitayamaOn Siegel modular forms with respect to non-split symplectic groups
11.15-12Alexandru Edgar GhitzaDistinguishing Hecke eigenforms and irreducibility of Hecke polynomials
Lunch break
14-14.30Fredrik StrombergDimension formulas for vector-valued Hilbert modular forms
14.45-15.15Rainer Schulze-PillotModular forms for some generalized Fricke groups

Tuesday, March 25

9.15-10Linsheng YinDerivative of Siegel modular forms and Jacobi forms by connections
Tea, coffee, discussion
10.30-11Guangshi LuShifted convolution of cusp-forms with \(\theta\)-series
11.15-12Stephan EhlenSimple lattices of signature (2,n)
Lunch break
14-14.30Siegfried BoechererGrowth of Fourier coefficients of noncusp forms
14.45-15.15B. RamakrishnanJacobi forms and differential operators
Tea, coffee, discussion
15.45-16.15Hiroki AokiJacobi forms of rational weight and rational index

Wednesday, March 26

9.15-10Eiichi BannaiSpherical designs, modular forms, and toy models for D. H. Lehmer's conjecture
Tea, coffee, discussion
10.30-11Jens FunkeCohomolgical aspects of weakly holomorphic modular forms and periods
11.15-12Alexei PantchichkineComputing L-values and Peterson products via algebraic and p-adic modular forms
Free afternoon

Thursday, March 27

9.15-10Neil DummiganA Harder conjecture for spinor L-values
Tea, coffee, discussion
10.30-11Lynne WallingHecke operators on Siegel Eisenstein series
11.15-12Hidenori KatsuradaRefined version of Ikeda's conjecture on the period of the Hermitian Ikeda lift and its application
Lunch break
14-14.30Hiroshi SakataSome remarks on the trace formula for Jacobi forms of prime power level
14.45-15.15Jianya LiuExplicit error term in the prime number theorem for Rankin-Selberg L-functions
Tea, coffee, discussion
15.45-16.15Winfried KohnenExplicit bounds for the first sign change of the Fourier coefficients of a Siegel cusp form

Friday, March 28

9.15-10Jan BruinierModularity of special cycles and formal Fourier Jacobi series
Tea, coffee discussion
10.30-11Hourong QinOn the representation numbers of ternary quadratic forms and modular forms of weight \(3/2\)
11.15-12Shuichi HayashidaLifts from two elliptic modular forms to Siegel modular forms of half-integral weight of even degrees.
Lunch break